Wall Hanging Test Tube Propagation Station

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Exactly what every indoor gardener needs—space to grow more plants! Save money and create an indoor jungle by propagating your water loving plants. You can re-pot them after they sprout roots or let them live there permanently. Made in central Illinois by the Herin family, Harry builds, I package, and the kids occasionally “help”.
  • Includes 15 glass test tube vases and plant info sheet
  • Test tube dimensions: 5.2” H x 0.6” diameter
  • Overall dimensions: 35” H x 14” W (includes hanging rope)
  • Remember to change the water regularly (ehhh, sometimes)
  • Package Includes: wooden frame with hanging rope and 15 test tube vases

Please allow 4-6 business days for delivery 

* Plants not included
* Custom sizes and stains available, contact me for more info!
* Due to handmade nature, every piece may vary slightly

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